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A Philosophy of Food as Medicine  The Wall Street Journal

“Let food be your medicine,” said the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates in the 4th century B.C. But he probably didn't envisage a world in which people would ...

Anita Silvers, an SF State philosophy professor and advocate for the disabled, dies at 78  San Francisco Chronicle

Anita Silvers, a San Francisco State philosophy professor, author and a force in making life more accessible for disabled people, died this month at age 78.

Duke to Recognize Inaugural Philosophy of Physics Award Winner During Workshop  Duke Today

A new award celebrating excellence in philosophy of physics will be presented during a free, two-day campus event where the winner will be the featured ...

Confronting Philosophy’s Anti-Semitism  The New York Times

Should we continue to teach thinkers like Kant, Voltaire and Hume without mention of the harmful prejudices they helped legitimize?

On Failing to be a Philosopher | Issue 131  Philosophy Now

There are many ways of failing to be a philosopher. The most efficient is not to bother being a philosopher in the first place. It is the strategy of choice for the vast ...

Next to Stacey Abrams, Biden’s philosophy looks flawed and dated  The Washington Post

When you're running in a presidential primary against 75 other candidates, you have to do something to stand out. So likely presidential candidate Joe Biden, ...

How One Mother's Beauty Philosophy Became a Powerful Family Bond

If there's one thing sure to divide generations of women, it's beauty. What works for a 34-year-old rarely works for a 62-year-old, too; styles change over time just ...

Philosophers and neuroscientists join forces to see whether science can solve the mystery of free will  Science Magazine

Philosophers have spent millennia debating whether we have free will, without reaching a conclusive answer. Neuroscientists optimistically entered the field in ...

Chris Ballard breaks down Colts' free agency philosophy, recent visits  Indianapolis Star

Indianapolis has now moved on to the back end of free agency, searching for value plays among the players still available.

Eastern philosophy books: 7 essential reads  Big Think

Ancient eastern philosophy unravels the Tao, Zen and other holistic ways of thinking about the self and the universe. These are the best eastern philosophy ...

Seminoles' "win by committee" philosophy paying dividends  WCTV

All season long, Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton has talked about his team's quality of depth. FSU infamously doesn't have a 'starting rotation,' and ...

Is Philosophy Still The Friend Of Wisdom? | Issue 131  Philosophy Now

If becoming wise involves making effective choices that lead to a morally improved life, it should then follow that philosophy – that rational search for wisdom ...

Karl Marx: Man & Mind | Issue 131  Philosophy Now

Matt Qvortrup argues that Marx still inspires those longing for a better world.

MIT's Kieran Setiya, Author of Midlife: A Philosophical Guide, to Deliver New York Institute of Philosophy's Biennial Lecture: “Public Philosophy”—April 5  NYU News

Kieran Setiya, a professor of philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will deliver the 2019 New York Institute of Philosophy Biennial Lecture, ...

In Aristotle's Garden, NY Professor Finds Philosophy, Too  The National Herald

ATHENS – As he perused the ancient site of Aristotle's Lyceum, opened to the public only in 2014 after being excavated in 1996, Simon Critchley, an English ...

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Faking Nature: The Ethics of Environmental Restoration (Environmental Philosoph
End Date: Saturday Apr-20-2019 16:16:15 PDT
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Hegel on the Ethical Life, Religion and Philosophy: Studies in Hegel's Philosoph
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The Cambridge Handbook of Evolutionary Ethics (Cambridge Handbooks in Philosoph
End Date: Saturday Apr-6-2019 1:11:27 PDT
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Spinoza's 'Ethics': An Introduction (Cambridge Introductions to Key Philosoph…
End Date: Thursday Apr-4-2019 11:33:53 PDT
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Trust And Power On The Shop Floor : An Ethnographical, Ethical, And Philosoph...
End Date: Sunday Apr-14-2019 22:41:36 PDT
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Emmanuel Levinas: The Genealogy of Ethics (Warwick Studies in European Philosoph
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Hacker Ethic : A Radical Approach to the Philosoph
End Date: Thursday Mar-28-2019 14:06:09 PDT
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Ethics : Fundamental Principles of Moral Philosoph
End Date: Friday Apr-19-2019 19:40:21 PDT
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Ethics : Fundamental Principles of Moral Philosoph
End Date: Friday Apr-19-2019 17:00:55 PDT
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Louisiana Ethics Administration Program
New Complimentary Admission, Lodging and/or Transportation Disclosure Statement. Act 200 of the 2018 Regular Legislative Session – effective August 1, 2018 – repealed the old law (R.S. 42:1123(41)) and enacted new standards which allow a public servant to receive complimentary admission, lodging and/or transportation, in situations in which he would otherwise be prohibited from receiving ...

Business Ethics | The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility
Following multiple scandals, investors persuade the bank to review what went wrong. Among the items being looked at: identifying systemic cultural and ethical root causes of the abuses, including at the board level.

Environmental Ethics Journal
REVIEWS AND COMMENTS. The major journal in this field, and where most of the important papers are published.... Makes most environmentalish magazines ... seem like glossy 4-H club bulletins.

BBC - Ethics: Abortion
The abortion debate asks whether it can be morally right to terminate a pregnancy before normal childbirth. Some people think that abortion is always wrong.

BBC - Ethics: Introduction to ethics
Ethics is a branch of philosophy that covers a whole family of things that have a real importance in everyday life.

Aristotle: Ethics - Philosophy Pages
Because ethics is a practical rather than a theoretical science, Aristotle also gave careful consideration to the aspects of human nature involved in acting and accepting moral responsibility.Moral evaluation of an action presupposes the attribution of responsibility to a human agent. But in certain circumstances, this attribution would not be appropriate.

Velkommen til ETHICS. Hvis du allerede har adgang til ETHICS, brug venligst Login for at logge ind i systemet. Hvis du har glemt din adgangskode, brug venligst Glemt adgangskode? for at starte fornyelsesproceduren.

I started publishing in 1995. I transitioned the content from LegalEthics,com to a new blog called Lopisder. Lopsider is focused on legal operations, innovation & disruption. You can read more about why I am transitioning to the new website here.All content has been copied to Lopsider.

Center for Environmental Philosophy
A nonprofit 501(c)3 organization affiliated with the University of North Texas. This website is the first devoted exclusively to environmental ethics

Missouri Ethics Commission
2019 Guide to Ethics Laws View the 2019 MEC Guide to Ethics Laws for a plain English summary of Missouri's ethics laws